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Nomás" is ancient Greek and means "wandering around" - from this the term "nomad" was derived. The name "NOMAZ" is a combination of this symbolic meaning of our idea of combining shopping with nomadism and bringing extraordinary fashion to extravagant places. We ourselves are constantly on the move and incorporate inspirations from all over the world into our collections.

NOMAZ is a young fashion manufacturer dedicated to the beauty of the unconventional. Our passion is fashion that makes you happy. NOMAZ is completed by pop-ups in extraordinary locations and of course by fantastic people.



Under the name NOMAZ we have been creating extraordinary limited fashion since the beginning of 2016, which is supposed to make a statement - from handmade jackets to shirts to accessories, which have been accepted by you with so much enthusiasm that we often can hardly believe our luck.

Shortly after our start we got so much support that we sometimes had to pinch ourselves. Bloggers wore our first jackets on Fashion Weeks, and so we quickly ended up in the first big magazines and made our breakthrough. We are still so grateful for everyone who supported us from day one - and for everyone who joined us during our journey.

Spread some kindness and stay different!